Wood Clutch


Elegant glass candle holder

Available in wide selection of colors

This Elegant Glass Candle Holders Will Become A Perfect Decor Piece For Your Kitchen. Their Ergonomic Form Will Bring Balance To You Dining Table. Light A Candle And Enjoy Your Romantic Dinner.

    You’re Going Places. We created A Buildable Fine Line Inspired By You.This two-part set includes a 14k yellow gold chain bracelet, and a matching hand chain that loops around one finger for a very modern mode of adornment. Need more? These delicate chains can also be clasped together to form a lariat necklace.

    The Addie gives you so many options, it sums up our philosophy perfectly. The hand chain/bracelet combo works just as well on vacation as it does on a night out; transformed into a lariat, it makes a beautiful base for our pendants and danglers.


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